About Hülly Blues

What is Hülly Blues?

Hülly Blues is an international blues dance weekend. This means you’ll attend dance classes during the day and social dances with live music in the evening. Sleep is optional.
You’ll meet fellow dancers from Germany and other (mostly European) countries and learn from international dance teachers.
We’re located in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany – roughly northwest of Hamburg.

“Thanks for the great weekend! Perfect organisation, great teachers, fabulous band (hope they come again!), and a nice cozy atmosphere.”

A participant of the 1st Hülly Blues

What’s special about Hülly Blues?

Many people describe our blues dance festival as cosy, relaxed and as having a familiar atmosphere. We’re located on a former farm at the edge of the tiny village called Hüll and you will probably spend the whole weekend here with your fellow dancers. You dance here, you sleep here (at least a bit), you eat here, you make friends here. Having almost all your basic needs covered, you’ll have more time than usual to talk to people, to chill, to have a coffee or to share a bottle of wine. Also, we have a sauna that’s free to use. Perfect for relaxing your aching muscles and sometimes the fun place to socialize at late night after the dance party ended.

“Amazing parties! Great atmosphere. The band was wonderful!!! Sauna was also great. All in all a lasting beautiful experience”

Another participant of the 1st edition

What do I get and how much does it cost?

You will be able to attend 5 hours of classes in your level and additionally up to 5 hours of taster classes or special topic classes.
There’s a social dance on Friday evening and on Saturday evening with live music and DJ(s). On Sunday afternoon we have a tea-dance-like social dance before you head back home.
Also, all food and all drinks are included. So you can easily have 6 cups of coffee in the morning (if needed) and “just one more” beer at night.
Depending on your choice during sign-up, accommodation is also included.

Depending on your preferences, the cost of your package varies. It starts at around €250 and the most popular options will take you to around €390.
If this sounds a lot: please remember that you will probably not spend any additional money this weekend because everything’s included already.

“Thank you so much dancers, teachers and organisers of Hülly Blues. I had a wonderful weekend full of heartfelt and amazing dances.”

One of our guests at 1st Hülly Blues

What about Corona?

We’ll be extra careful about Covid so you can be super careless and relaxed while you’re here. That’s why you can only attend if you’re fully vaccinated.
Depending on the situation in autumn, we might ask you to do one or multiple tests before or during the event – we’ll keep you updated on this.

What happens if the whole event has to be canceled?

In this case, we will find a new date and your ticket will remain valid. If the new date doesn’t work for you, please let us know and we’ll send you a refund.

I never danced Blues before but it sounds interesting. Can I come?

Absolutely yes! We are beginner-friendly. If you have no experience yet, you should register for Level A and also we’ll have a special class on Friday for getting first-timers started.