We’ll be back in October 23

The third edition of Hülly Blues will happen October 6th to October 8th. Please save the date in your calendar. We’ll keep you updated here and on Facebook about the program. You can expect registration to be opened around May.

Dáire and Jenna will be teaching!

Els and Zelino sadly won’t make it to the second edition of Hülly Blues. We are very lucky and happy to announce a couple that was always on top of our wishlist: Jenna Applegarth & Dáire Mac An Bháird.

Hülly Blues #2 will happen from September 30th to October 2nd 2022. 

We got wonderful news for you:

Hülly Blues #2 will happen from September 30th to October 2nd 2022. 

Everyone involved in our original plan can make this new date – which is pretty exciting. We’ll have:

  • The Sky is Crying
  • Caroline & Cédric
  • Sarah & Erik
  • Els & Zelino
  • Spicy Ginger, IzzieQ & Discount Basie

We’ll open the registration soon… 

We’re excited to see you later this year!

Henrike, Henning & Michael

PS: Our Lindy Hop edition – Hülly Hop Swing Farm – will probably take place November 11th – 13th 2022… Stay tuned for more information. 

Hülly Blues in January cancelled – Corona Update 3

Dear Hülly Blues people,

Hülly Blues cannot happen in January.

The local government of Lower Saxony has taken precautionary measures against the predicted Omicron wave and has prohibited any dance events until mid-January.

We understand that additional actions are required – on the other hand we are very sad and frustrated after having put a lot of work and thoughts into a concept that seemed to be working until a few weeks ago and after looking forward to meeting you and dancing with you for months now.

After taking a small break, we will get back on our feet to plan a new date. 

If you registered and already paid for Hülly Blues, you have 3 options now:

After taking a small break, we will get back on our feet to plan a new date. 

If you registered and already paid for Hülly Blues, you have 3 options now:

  • You can reserve you spot for next Hülly Blues (if the date is not possible for you, you will get a refund later)r 
  • You can get a full refund. 
  • You can get a partial refund and donate something (tax deductible) to help us cover the cost we have even with this cancellation. Please let us know the amount and your bank account data.

We’ll send an e-mail to everyone registered, to make your choice.

We have to ask you for a little patience for all 3 options as everyone in the team needs a little Christmas break now.

We hope that you’re still having a wonderful holiday season and that you stay healthy and happy until we can meet again.


Henrike, Henning & Michael

Corona update part 2

We guess that a lot of you are a bit unsure about the current Covid situation and our event.

On the positive side:
Daily infection numbers in Germany seem to go down a little bit for almost 2 weeks now. Also, current local regulations allow us to run our event if we use FFP2 masks in many situations and conduct proper testing. Also, we’re constantly working on our concept to make the event not only legal but also as safe as possible. This is what we’re aiming for.

On the unknown side:
The Omicron variant is spreading in Europe. Experts seem to be concerned as it seems to be more infectious – also for fully vaccinated people. As there’s not enough data available at the moment to make an accurate guess about mid-January, we will follow new data and studies closely for the next 2 weeks.

We hope that we can make an informed decision by Christmas time.

Big virtual hugs from
Henrike, Henning & Michael

Corona Blues Update

We got a lot of encouragement, that people need events like Hülly Blues for their mental health and well being. We also got some concerned questions if we will even be able to realize Hülly Blues in January 2022. So here is an update for all of you.

As today (December, 3rd 2021) it is possible to hold the event (more or less) as planned with the following „2G+“ restrictions: You need to be

  • vaccinated (or recovered within the regulated time frame) and
  • tested (official rapid test not older than 24 hours or PCR test not older than 48 hours). We strongly urge you to do a PCR as close to the event as possible if you get any chance to do that to keep our event as safe as possible.

The district of Stade is currently in „Corona Alert Level 2“. As long as the district’s situation doesn’t change, we will host Hülly Blues. If the situation gets worse we will keep you updated. Regulations for Alert Level 3 are not decided by Lower Saxonian parliament yet.

IF we will not be able to. realize Hülly Blues in January

  • We will postpone the event to spring or summer
  • We will refund you, if you will not be able to attend for that date.

If you can get a booster shot before Hülly Blues, please get it. It looks like they are great for not getting infected at all.

Registration open

Dear Blues enthusiast,

We just opened the registrations for our 1st Hülly Blues event. First teachers and band are confirmed, a draft of the program is published and more highlights will be announced later on. We are looking forward to see you at Hüll for an amazing weekend of Blues dancing.

Save the date! – January 24th-26th 2020

Mark your calendars. There will be Blues in the old farm house between Hamburg and Bremen, cows and sauna, some month after the 1st Balboa Swing Farm and the 6th Hülly Hop Swing Farm .

In the middle of nowhere but reachable by train (and free private shuttle), plane (Hamburg Airport) or car (90 minutes from Hamburg).

International blues dance teachers, live music, DJs, sauna, and nice carefree, all inclusive, all under one roof packages are waiting for you. … 

Stay tuned for further announcements.