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Level A – Beginner
You never danced Blues before – or just a little bit. If you have absolutely no experience, we recommend joining our tasters on Friday evening to get you started with the essential basic moves and positions.
In this level, you’ll learn everything you need to enjoy the evening dances.

Level B – Intermediate
You’ve taken some lessons in Blues dancing and have been attending social dances. You started with the Blues more than 1 year ago. You know and master at least a handful of moves in open, closed, and close embrace position. You already started to improvise and to work on the musicality of your dancing.
In this level, you’ll improve your basics and learn how to better connect to the music and your partner and also you’ll get to know some fancy new moves.

Level C – (Int.-)Advanced
You’ve been dancing the Blues for 3 years or more and have been attending international workshops before. You feel comfortable with various rhythms and styles. Maybe you even teach Blues dancing in your local scene.
In this level, you‘ll be able to get inspiration from our international teachers and work on your creativity, connection, technique, and style.

Classes and Tasters