Your personal Hülly Hop Swing Farm is made up of three packages:

  1. Workshops and Parties*
  2. Food and Drinks*
  3. Accommodation!

*) mandatory

(1) Workshop and Party Package for only 270 € 
– up to 10 hours of learning time.
– 2 parties with live music and DJ(s).
– tea dance on Sunday.
– free use of sauna.
– free use of shuttle bus from/to train station Himmelpforten (Friday 17.15 h, Sunday 16.20 h).

(2) Food and Drinks Package for only 120 €:
– Food: 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch, 3 x Coffee & Cake, 2 x Dinner, 2 x Midnight snack,
– Drinks: all alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee)

(3) Accommodation Package to choose from one of the following:

External Accomodation: 0 €
no accommodation on-site, make sure to book your own (Hotel, B&B)!

2 Basic Dorms (Mixed and *Women only): 10 € 
2 nights basic sleeping option on the floor in a separate dorm space. Alternative: you sleep in your own camper van, parked on the premises. You must bring your own mattress, bedsheets, towels and sleeping bag.

Camper Package (limited availability): 10 €
2 nights sleeping in your own caravan/mobile home, when parked on location (you can use the showers and toilets of the venue, but need to bring your own linen, towels etc.)

Shared Room Package: 40 €
2 nights accommodation in a 3-5-bed-room with private or shared bathroom, in a bed or on a mattress on the mezzanine floor, bedsheets, towels. This is the popular option usually.

Twin Room Package:  (limited availability!): 85 €
2 nights accommodation in a 2-bed- or double-bed-room with private or shared bathroom, bedsheets, towels.

Single Bed Room Package (limited availability!): 110 €
2 nights accommodation in a single-bed-room with shared bathroom, bedsheets, towels.

We are aware that in some periods of life financial constraints are tough and limit our participation in dance events we would like to be part of, while in other periods we have enough money to kindly support others.

This is where our sponsoring model comes in.

If you are in a lucky financial situation and want to help others, enable them to participate, please choose the sponsoring option. You will pay a small or big sponsoring amount (20 or 40 or 80€) on top of your chosen package.

If you are on a tight budget you can apply for a small or big reduction (20 or 40 or 80€ less of your chosen package).

We pair sponsors and people in need. That means we need to find sponsors to provide a reduction. We will accept you first with the reduced price, but if we don’t find a sponsor, you need to pay the amount onsite in cash at the check-in.

If you travel on a tight budget you might think about helping us with the event. We ask you to help for 5 hours during the event and will give you a discount on your package price of 50 € at the time of your registration. 

Typical helper jobs include shuttle driving for teachers/DJs/band/participants, shifts at the reception desk, onsite support at night during the parties (drinks and food), runner and roadie jobs. We ensure you to have spare time for all classes you signed in, but probably not for full parties and all tasters. Please contact us for more details.