Cédric Clerc & Caroline Faivre

Caroline and Cédric from Strasbourg, France is our first confirmed teacher’s couple for the first edition of Hülly Blues

Erik Nieland

Eriks Background:

* 5 years of bluesdancing
* 4 years of teaching bluesdancing
* 5 years of lindy hop
* 2 years of teaching lindy hop

His focus is on fun, improvisation and clear communication and his classes are free and somewhat improvisational. The focus is on making sure that everyone takes something away from his classes. Erik will be teaching couples alone and embraces the concept that it is good to know both roles: lead/follow and anything in between. 


On Friday and Saturday night we will have the fabulous Band ”The Sky is crying“ from Goteborg, Sweden at Hülly Blues.

DJs / Photographer


Massage Therapist

Nadine is a Swing dancer herself and has a broad education as a massage therapist (classic, thai, other). She knows all too well that spots that can hurt after too much dancing – there isn’t too much dancing, right?

She easily finds the right technique for each client individually and our guests have been very happy with her and requested her to come again.


Our team is made up from fresh Blues enthusiasts from the North of Germany: Henrike, Henning and Michael.


Hülly Blues is a non-profit event that is made possible by the hearts and hands by it’s organizers, team and … participants! … So when you register, consider signing up as a helper and volunteer and/or get discount.

+49-151-58571695 (Henning)