We got a lot of encouragement, that people need events like Hülly Blues for their mental health and well being. We also got some concerned questions if we will even be able to realize Hülly Blues in January 2022. So here is an update for all of you.

As today (December, 3rd 2021) it is possible to hold the event (more or less) as planned with the following „2G+“ restrictions: You need to be

  • vaccinated (or recovered within the regulated time frame) and
  • tested (official rapid test not older than 24 hours or PCR test not older than 48 hours). We strongly urge you to do a PCR as close to the event as possible if you get any chance to do that to keep our event as safe as possible.

The district of Stade is currently in „Corona Alert Level 2“. As long as the district’s situation doesn’t change, we will host Hülly Blues. If the situation gets worse we will keep you updated. Regulations for Alert Level 3 are not decided by Lower Saxonian parliament yet.

IF we will not be able to. realize Hülly Blues in January

  • We will postpone the event to spring or summer
  • We will refund you, if you will not be able to attend for that date.

If you can get a booster shot before Hülly Blues, please get it. It looks like they are great for not getting infected at all.

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