We guess that a lot of you are a bit unsure about the current Covid situation and our event.

On the positive side:
Daily infection numbers in Germany seem to go down a little bit for almost 2 weeks now. Also, current local regulations allow us to run our event if we use FFP2 masks in many situations and conduct proper testing. Also, we’re constantly working on our concept to make the event not only legal but also as safe as possible. This is what we’re aiming for.

On the unknown side:
The Omicron variant is spreading in Europe. Experts seem to be concerned as it seems to be more infectious – also for fully vaccinated people. As there’s not enough data available at the moment to make an accurate guess about mid-January, we will follow new data and studies closely for the next 2 weeks.

We hope that we can make an informed decision by Christmas time.

Big virtual hugs from
Henrike, Henning & Michael

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